FEATURED Artist - King's Maille Chainmail Jewelry

May 3, 2020

We are so amazed by these new jewelries from King’s Maille Chainmail Jewelry. This guy named Julien is truly good at doing his stuff. Here’s a little bit about his bio; 

Born and raised in Edmundston NB, Julien always had a passion for art. He was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Dystrophy type III at the age of 18 months, had to start using a wheelchair at the age of 9, but that never stopped him from doing anything he wanted.

He went to college for Graphic Design which he graduated in 2007, after that, he created King’s Maille Jewelry. Made with hundreds of rings, he creates jewelry using the same method they use to make them in medieval times. His passion his to take nothing and make something out of it with his hands.

Here’s a few of his jewelries, you can view more in the store or online HERE.

Earrings - Kings Maille Chainmail JewelryEarrings - Kings Maille Chainmail JewelryEarrings - Kings Maille Chainmail JewelryChain - Kings Maille Chainmail Jewelry

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