May 9, 2020

On may 9th, we will officially reopen the store! The government is moving onto phase 2 of it’s plan and we have the green light to open under certains conditions.

Now, it's not business as usual & there are a few changes to the way it will work from now on until further notice. We have implemented a few mandatory obligations in order to help fight this pandemic; here's a list

- Mandatory Hand Sanitizing/Washing
- One way arrows pathways within the store
- Mandatory COVID signage throughout the store
- Physical distancing at the cash register
- Mandatory masks for employees & strongly suggested from customers
- Frequent disinfection on high touch areas
- If possible, payments with cards are preferred during this time
- MAX of 5 customers at a time in the store

Although it seems like a lot, this is necessary if we all want to get back to normal sooner. If anyone has questions, don't hesitate.

Thank you all for your cooperation,


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