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Virtual Interviews: Susan Jardine

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 11:28 AM

Welcome to the first episode of our virtual interviews with the artists! In this series, our goal is to help you connect & get to know them a little bit more. Today, we will be sharing Susan Jardine’s story about her beautiful mixed media acrylic paintings. 

Susan Jardine Acrylic Mix Media Artist - The Acorn Studio

Covid Feathers - Acylic Mixed Media Painting

In a sentence, tell us who you are as a person?

I am an older woman who has lived a lot and will continue to live a lot, seizing the day

What is it that you do & why did you choose this medium? 

Somehow or other and after a trip to take a workshop with Soraya French in the UK, I am and have been for a while, working in collage, acrylic inks and heavy-bodied acrylics. I really enjoy the spontaneity of the colours and shapes when I lay the inks in. It is very exciting and sometimes frustrating to find a place to start making something of it. I have done some work in watercolour in the past but found there were too many rules for me to express myself freely.  I have done some work in cold wax and oils.  I visited a gallery in Italy where I met an artist who works in that medium and it intrigues me, so explorations will continue. It may require another trip to Italy. I recently binged watched a British series entitled Portrait Artist of the Year.  I have been in a bit of a Covid funk, but would love to explore portrait painting and more abstract painting. I currently have about 20 canvases in various stages of development…

Susan Jardine Acrylic Mix Media Artist - The Acorn Studio

Sunburst - Acrylic Mixed Media Painting

What’s your favorite feel good moment in life?

Creating something, whether it be in my garden, painting, cooking, or whatever.  And anytime I have contact with my son.

Is it hard for you to find inspiration? Where do you get it from? 

I find inspiration for making art in the making of it. And the same for making a life. 

What’s your vision about your career & where do you want to go with it? 

I want to be engaged in creating something that brings others joy (with bucks for me to feed my habit of creating art)

Susan Jardine Acrylic Mix Media Artist - The Acorn Studio

Susan Jardine - Mixed Media Artist

What is your favorite local shop & artist that you like?

There are so many great artists in this area that it would be very difficult to choose one… I love that we now have some galleries in the area and I hope it continues to grow… My very favourite is one that ArtShediac started at the Pointe du Chene wharf this year, Art on the Wharf.  And of course, The Acorn Studio in Moncton, the Barachois Historic Church Gallery, the lovely small gallery in Bouctouche run by SCKS, and the Tidnish Gallery run by some artist friends. I would love it if we as artists could convince local businesses and elected representatives that the arts can be a huge economic driver for the area. 

Is there anything that gets you motivated in the mornings?  

This past summer it was the need to water my garden, 300 sq feet of it, daily, and the huge job of opening the Art on the Wharf Gallery and keep it open daily. Now with the Covid and closure of the gallery until the next summer season and the end of gardening, I find it more difficult to get up and doing in the morning.   I have done a lot of volunteer work in the community and with Covid , those kinds of things have diminished.  So, the only thing is the need to not sink into the funk of not getting dressed and going out every day for a walk.  I make sure I have several painting projects on the go.  

Susan Jardine Acrylic Mix Media Artist - The Acorn Studio

Amelia - Acrylic Mixed Media Painting


If you had a rough day, what do you do to relax? 

Watch movies or read a book. I love to explore the work of artists from around the world and their stories.  Over this past Covid summer, cocktails on the lawn with my neighbours helped me a lot.

Any special art tips for anyone? 

Do what you love!  Find your own unique style, and be true to it.

Susan Jardine Acrylic Mix Media Artist - The Acorn Studio

At The Pier - Acrylic Mixed Media Painting

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Thanks for reading!

- Mathieu

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