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Gifts for him: because it's not easy... and we know it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 8:00 AM

The struggle is real when trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Some might relate to this, but as much as you know them, when it comes to gifts, it’s like you just don’t know what to get! Well, hopefully this little guide might help you figure it out. 

We’ve been asked quite a few times, do you have any ideas what I can get for my husband/boyfriend or father or that complicated men that I can’t figure out what to get? Hopefully this list might inspire you as it is a hard one to figure out.

Wooden Rings by Dafoe Designs

Dafoe Designs Rings made in Wood

- These wooden rings are quite special as they incorporate something interesting in each of them. This particular one in the picture, for example, has a green fly fishing rod in it’s inlays. Ain’t this amazing?

Industrial Metal Look Wine Jax

- Is he a wine lover? Well, you can’t beat this one! It can hold three of his favorite bottles (full or empty if he’s a collector). Bonus if he is a plumber as these parts are made of plumbing pipes!

Maple syrups with infused alcohol


- Maple and alcohol mixed together, this turns into one fancy product for those looking to try something different. You can choose from Whiskey, Bourbon, Oak or Traditional. Try them in your coffee, desserts, salmon/pork and the obvious, pancakes!

Natural Soaps (that foams a lot!)

- Men do have to wash themselves… sometimes! We suggest either the charcoal & tea tree or the lemongrass and tea tree so make them stink a little bit less. 

Strong & fancy espresso

- If there’s a coffee we would suggest, this would be the one. It’s so good that even if the cup is a day old, it’s still good to drink. Trust us, we’ve made the test because after all, you just can’t let it go to waste!

The obvious… Chocolates!

- Let’s be honest, you don’t have to be so creative when it comes to gifting. A simple bar of chocolate can mean a lot more than those extravagant gifts. Plus, these are not like your regular store chocolates as they are made locally in New Brunswick. 

Still not sure?

It is not easy that’s for sure, but sometimes the best gifts of all is not something that can be given. Love is love no matter what and as long you demonstrate that you can, it should not be a big deal. Even if it’s a handmade gift, a little supper at home or even a day out, we’re sure that the simple thought of it is all that will matter. 

Need help?

Feel free to contact us and we can help you figure out! We know all the great spots around the Greater Moncton region and can easily guide you in the right direction. Email us here at info@theacornstudio.com or call us at (506) 588-6889 and we’ll be happy to help out.

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