Behind the brand and how it all started


How it all started

" A marvelous artist named Ji once told me and I quote "OMG, you should open a gallery, like for real... I'm serious!". So that same day, I looked it up and things seemed quite arduous and costly. I didn't give up and continued the research. Not 4 days later, I had found the location, the name, the website, etc. It just goes to say that when things are meant to be, they will fall into place. "

" Funny story about the naming process of the studio. A few friends of mine would describe me as having a squirrel obsession. I describe it as just having a lot of enthusiasm over those small animals. I wanted something that would embody who I truly am while remaining simple. So I tried The Squirrel Studio, but it just didn't sound appealing. Then I thought about The Nut Studio, but this one sounds a little bit inappropriate. It's at that moment when my friend was laughing about that name that it hit me, The Acorn Studio. "

“ Even though we don’t have the physical part of the gallery anymore, we still continue to haveit online and through our various events. Our goal at the end of the day is to promote whatever that’s local. The people in the Atlantic Provinces are so creative. We need to showcase them even more! There is a lack of awareness and it’s our mission to bring it all to light. That’s why we believe in building strong art communities throughout our beautiful regions. "

- Mathieu Hébert, Owner

Our Mission

“ Make local artworks & products more accessible than ever “