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Want to be part of our upcoming

Miniature Show

To help & showcase artists of all levels, we are organizing a small show for miniature artworks. Read the details below before applying.

With Covid stoping almost every plans we had and making things harder, we are limited in options. People are starting to get bored so its time to bring some joy in their life!

The goal is simple, have artists of all different skill levels and mediums to create a small artwork (Limit size of 8 x 8 x 8 inches) for a miniature show at the gallery. Each artwork would sell for what the artist wants, the commission being split between the artist and the gallery. We will photograph the artworks and post it on our website. We would also include the artist social media links. Depending on the amount received, we might have to do two shows or alternate between in-store and online only options (TBD).

Dont hesitate to contact us for more details. The show will start on February 26th until the 4th of April. We cant do an opening night because of Covid.

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